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Recently Featured in Pool Magazine

Houston-based custom pool builder Kelly O'Leary of Oleary Pools & Design has been making waves in the pool industry with his contemporary designs that complement the modern aesthetic of homes and outdoor living spaces. In a recent issue of Pool Magazine, O'Leary shared his insights on the latest pool design trends and how he's [...]

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Award Winning Design-Build Firm

Oleary Pools & Design, a top-rated design-build firm, was recently awarded two prestigious Awards of Excellence at the Southwest Pool & Spa Show. Their outstanding work in the pool and spa industry earned them a Gold Award in the category of Hot Tub/Spa/Water Feature for their beautifully designed concrete spas attached to swimming pools. [...]

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Building a Pool in Katy, TX

Building a pool in Katy, TX is a great investment for homeowners looking to increase the value of their property, enhance their outdoor living space, and enjoy the hot Texas summers. However, before diving headfirst into the pool building process, it's important for homeowners to understand what they're getting into and what they should [...]

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Pool Planning & Budgeting

Planning and budgeting for a concrete inground pool is an exciting process for any homeowner. Not only will a pool provide a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space for family and friends, but it can also increase the value of a property. However, before jumping into the pool planning process, there are several factors to [...]

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Designing a Pool To Match Your Home

A well-designed pool can be a stunning addition to any home, but it is important to ensure that the design matches the aesthetic of the property. A pool that clashes with the style of the home can detract from the overall appeal and even decrease the value of the property. Homeowners should consider several [...]

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Top 10 Pool Features of 2023

With summer fast approaching, many people will be building a pool for the very first time. Quite often, we're asked, which pool features add the most value? Our customers this year want to know which features are hot and trending. Consequently, we've put together a list of some incredible features that are becoming enormously [...]

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