Houston-based custom pool builder Kelly O’Leary of Oleary Pools & Design has been making waves in the pool industry with his contemporary designs that complement the modern aesthetic of homes and outdoor living spaces. In a recent issue of Pool Magazine, O’Leary shared his insights on the latest pool design trends and how he’s incorporating them into his projects.

According to O’Leary, the demand for more modern and sophisticated pool designs is on the rise, and homeowners are seeking multi-purpose outdoor living spaces for entertaining. Traditional freeform lagoon-style pools with rock grotto waterfalls are no longer in vogue, and homeowners are increasingly opting for sleek and contemporary designs with features such as infinity edges and raised weir walls that make the pool look like a sheet of glass.

O’Leary noted that while such modern and geometric pool designs are more commonly found in California and Florida, Houston’s flat topography presents a unique challenge for pool builders to incorporate sophisticated elements into their designs. Nevertheless, O’Leary has been successful in striking a balance between modern and traditional design elements in his projects.

To avoid design mishaps, O’Leary limits the design choices available to clients, allowing them to select from a preselected menu of materials and elements. He also draws inspiration from other designers and well-known landscape architects to continuously improve his work. In fact, he is excited about a future collaboration with Randy Angell, a renowned landscape architect.

O’Leary’s success lies in his ability to meet the changing demands of the market and push the boundaries of what’s possible in pool design. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s clear that Oleary Pools & Design will remain at the forefront of what’s hot and trending.